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ATF (Namibian Agricultual Trade Forum)

Who we are

The Namibian Agricultural Trade Forum (ATF) represents an association of the leading stakeholders in the Namibian agricultural sector, including producers and processor organisations along the entire agricultural value chain, marketing boards and agriculture unions. The associate members include line Ministries, manufacturer associations, research institutions and regional organisations.

The ATF was founded in 1999 as a loose association of interested stakeholders in the private agricultural sector with active concerns in trade issues. Over time, the ATF became the mouthpiece on trade-related issues for the entire value adding chain of agricultural products, with participation from producers and processor organisations, marketing boards, research institutions and representatives of the line ministries. Reputation

This led to the formalisation of the ATF, which in 2003 was registered as an incorporated association not for gain. The ATF is financed by its members, the private agricultural sector, who pay annual contributions and membership fees.

Associate Members

ATF Associate Members
ATF Associate Members

The ATF also has Associate Members comprising research and capacity building institutions as well as policy setting and implementing bodies. Associate members do not pay annual membership fees and have no voting rights at any meetings of the ATF. These include:



Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Agriculature, Water and Forestry Namibia
Ministry of Finance
University of Namibia (UNAM)
Polytech of Namibia
The Trade Law Centre of Southern Africa (Tralac)
Namibian Manufacturers Association (NMA)
Namibia Competition Commission
Namibia Trade Forum
SACU Secretariat
SADC Secretariat

Mission & Objectives

Becoming the acknowledged voice of the agricultural private sector on trade and trade-related matters in Namibia.   Formulating and presenting the opinions and negotiation proposals of the private agricultural sector in trade and...

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Mr. Vehaka Tjimune is the current Chairperson of the ATF. Mr Tjimune currently holds the position of Executive: Policy Innovation, Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Affairs at the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco). ...

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Staff Members

Mr John Anthony Faul (Anton) joined the ATF in July 2017. Prior to joining the ATF, he was involved in agriculture, trade and regional integration matters over a period spanning over 20 years. From 1997-2005, as Chief Economist in the Direct...

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Recently Added Issues

Published: 9 November 2017

Revised import conditions notified to WTO SPS Committee


This issue emanates from late 2013 when the rev...

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Published: 18 June 2015

Namibia signs Tripartite FTA Agreement


Below is the COMESA/EAC/SADC Tripartite Free Tr...

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